Inapanuri Nani, 16-year-old s/o Narasimha Rao, resides at Peda Arlapadu village, Gampalagudem Mandal, Krishna district. He lost his father 4 years ago and has a sister. His mother is a daily-worker and the only income source to look after both. Two years back, the mother noticed pale coloured patches on Nani’s body and also clawing of the right hand.
She asked around and approached nearby health centre. The National Leprosy Eradication Programme (NLEP) staff identified as a positive multibacillary (MB) case and started the treatment. Even after the treatment, the deformities were still present. It was difficult for him as he couldn’t hold any object with his right hand and was not able to write which affected his studies. He was feeling bad as he is not able to perform anything normally. Then, the NLEP staff referred him to one of our Integrated Prevention of Disability (IPOD) camps. The physiotherapist instructed some exercises to mobilise the clawed hand and found that it can be normal if they perform Reconstructive Surgery (RCS). Further, they filed an application to Rural India Self Development Trust (RISDT) for the aid of reconstructive surgery.
The surgery was arranged and corrected the deformities accordingly. Currently, Nani’s hand is perfectly alright and he is able to write and perform other tasks normally with the right hand. Recently, he conveyed sincere thanks to LEPRA for treating him be a normal person.