Inapanuri Nani is the son of Narasimha Rao and hails from Arlapadu village of Gampalagudem Mandal in Krishna District.  He is 16 years. Nani’s father died with tuberculosis in 2015. His mother had taken the responsibility of leading family as there is no other source of income. She started working as an agricultural labourer and earning a meagre income to meet the family needs. Nani has a sister too.

In his class 9th at the age of 14, Nani developed patches on his body and was referred by ASHA who is also a volunteer in one of the LEPRA Society projects to the nearby Primary Health Care Centre, Utukuru Village. The Medical Officer confirmed it as Leprosy and kept under 12 months of MDT (Multi-Drug treatment). During the treatment, Nani observed that he couldn’t write notes and hold objects with his right hand due to pain. He didn’t reveal this problem with anyone in fear. After 6 months, he informed his mother. Her mother bought him to the volunteer and both attended the IPOD camp. NFA was done and found that the nerves got affected and thus developed clawing in the right hand. Immediately, the team referred to the Vijayawada Referral Centre for sending him to Reconstructive surgery. The pre-operative and post-operative Physiotherapy was done by the team. Later, Nani could able to concentrate on his studies and stood as a class topper in 9th standard.

Considering the financial position of the family, Project had supported Nani for completing his 10th standard in 2018 under CHAHA educational grant supported by Oracle. He scored 9.2 Percentage in his 10th standard. The support from Oracle team under CHAHA education grant is helping children affected with leprosy and children from leprosy-affected families, where Nani is one among them. At one time, due to fear Nagendra, mother of Nani thought of discontinuing studies of Nani after completion of his schooling. The team counselled the family for continuing the higher education and Nani joined in Intermediate (M.P.C) in a local college. Nani wrote the first year Intermediate examinations and waiting for results. Nani aims to become an IT Professional in future. Nagendra (Nani) conveyed her heartfelt thanks to the team of Oracle for supporting the child’s education on time.