Muneer is a Tabla player for above 30 years. Muneer is married and has 5 children (3 sons & 2 daughters). The sons are going to a government school and the daughters are being looked after by Muneer’s brother considering his financial condition.

Muneer developed problems in his hands, pain and weakness when he was aged 20 while playing Tabla in Kolkata. He saw a doctor who recognised leprosy and started him on medication. My leprosy was also recognised by leprosy affected person in Banaras.  I returned to Hyderabad and took treatment at LEPRA’s referral centre.  He continued to get pains in his hands when he played the Tabla vigorously.

When he first came to know about the disease, he was terrified and upset that he was affected with leprosy. He was hesitant to get married because of his disease.

At the age of 42, his friends and mother convinced him to get married. He felt very sad that his mother died on the night of his marriage. And there has been unexpected deaths of few more family members when he was married. Everyone started blaming his wife and his marriage to be a bad sign.

No one knows that he has leprosy except his children. His wife only knows that he visits the doctor to take medication for body pains which are very common.

He is worried that his income is not being sufficient as the kids are growing up. Also, the home is very congested for his family. He is currently teaching Tabla along with playing at events rarely to earn some extra income.

He wants to let know the newly affected people that constant medication and adhering to doctor’s consultation helps the disease to be controlled and reduce the impact.