Sai Lokesh, 12-year-old son of Late Sudhakar Y.S.R. Colony, Vizianagaram. He is studying 8th class at Kaspa High School, Vizianagaram.
His mother Ms. Madhavi earns INR 150 per day working as a daily-worker at a chips manufacturing unit. She is the only income source for a family of 3.
The mother identified anaesthetic lesions on the right hand and right leg. He was taken to the child dermatology department of Maharaja Hospital, Vizianagaram. The superintendent, Dr. Sitaram diagnosed for Borderline Tuberculoid Leprosy and sent him to the referral centre for sensory and skin smear tests.
He was registered at the Vizianagaram referral centre on 7th June 2019 with reference number VZM 036/19. The skin smear examination turned out positive and in the sensory and nerve function assessment, they found anaesthetic lesion and tenderness on the right ulnar region.
The referral centre applied warm bandage with sling and applied lumbrical slab to stabilise the MCP joint. Based on Lokesh’s body weight (25 kgs), they started him with Prednisolone 20mg medication for 14 days. After the nerve tenderness and reactions were reduced, they taught him the active assisted exercises for strengthening muscles in the right hand. Lokesh continued the multi-drug therapy (MDT) after the course completion of prednisolone.
Lokesh and his mother were happy with the treatment. He is able to use his hand for normal operations now.