Appala Raju, working from 25 years as a Shoe Technician with LEPRA, was tested COVID19 positive in July 2020.

He learned the art of shoemaking from his father and excelled it. Appala Raju goes to hard-to-reach places along with a team and mobile footwear unit to collect the foot measurements, prepare footwear accordingly and handover to leprosy affected persons.

When the lockdown regulations were relaxed, he started his routine by going to villages with utmost precautions. During one of his visits, he was not feeling well and isolated himself immediately. The COVID19 test result came positive. He was even worried about his team as he was in contact with them but fortunately the team was tested negative for COVID19.  Later, he was admitted to one of the COVID19 Care Centres for treatment. He did not inform his family about his condition as they might get worried and he was very far from his home. Once the test result came negative after few days, he went back home and informed his family members, they were terrified and took good care of him for a couple of weeks. Appala Raju is completely fine now and joined us back in August 2020 to make the customised footwear as he used to.

“I fought COVID19 and back to healthy life now. One needs to be mentally strong to fight the disease.” Appala Raju said.